The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life is to give it away.
— Pablo Picasso

Nothing gives us greater joy (besides photographing your wedding of course) than to use our gifts of photography and film making to share the stories of people doing amazing things around the world. The people who are sacrificing their lives, their families, their salaries, and their free time to pour into the people who are less fortunate than us. When we are not documenting the love between two people here, we love to use our tools and talents to bring about awareness of our fellow human beings. During our off season we try to volunteer our time and resources to non profits and mission organizations that seek to create sustainable differences for our race. Our photojournalism has taken us to over 85 countries including Nepal after the earthquake in 2015, remote Maasai schools in Tanzania, drug rehab centers in India, nomadic mountain tribes in Kyrgyzstan, summer school programs for children in the slums of Peru, medical clinics in the Philippines, church builders in the Dominican Republic, and an orphanage in Malaysia. Many of these trips and the work we have done with these organizations is funded by our business here in America. Thank you for supporting our cause and allowing us to use our gift of storytelling around the world.